Fourth Way Wisdom Work eCourse: Self-Remembering

Fourth Way Wisdom Work eCourse: Self-Remembering

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A 13 week Wisdom Work group (January 1 – Easter April 1, 2018) focusing on Self-Remembering, a foundational Fourth Way inner-work practice introduced by Gurdjieff and developed by Maurice Nicoll’s Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdieff and Ouspensky.


Like her hermit monk teacher Rafe, Cynthia Bourgeault was early on attracted to G. I. Gurdjieff and his path of inner transformation referred to as the “Fourth Way.” Along with the Bible, Rafe and Cynthia would read each day from the five-volume set of Maurice Nicoll’s Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjeff and Ouspensky.

This eCourse attempts to create the same study conditions as Rafe’s hermitage — weekly readings from the Bible (Gospel and Psalms) using the Ecumenical Lectionary and Nicoll’s Commentaries, with an added spice of one of Thomas’ Logion.

Nicoll’s Commentaries are transcripts of the talks given to meet the ongoing needs of the weekly Work Group that he led in Britain from 1941 through 1953. The Gurdjieff Society of Washington DC, encouraged by Mr. Hugh Ripman, produced a topical index to Nicoll’s commentaries.

During this round of Fourth Way Wisdom Work, I propose that we use that index to topically explore one of the foundational Fourth Way inner work practices call “Self-Remembering.” The course includes weekly readings and other resources, as well as a study and practice group for weekly inner-work exercises.